How To Use Social Proof To Get New Home Decor Clients

When it comes to home decor marketing and using social media to attract your ideal clients, one of the most powerful content types that you can use is social proof.

On average, 88% of consumers rely on user reviews and about 57% of consumers might consider using a business’s service if it has, at the minimum, a 4-star rating.

So, what actually is social proof?

In a nutshell, this content type can be any post or content piece that provides a testament to your services or products, or even your working environment. They can either be user or client-generated, collaborative, or even demonstrate a certain milestone that you or your team have achieved.

Ultimately, social proof’s goal is to convince others of your credibility and, in the case of potential clients, why they should choose your interior design studio above others.

Now, you might be asking: what are some social proof examples? And how can I use them to get new clients on Instagram, among other places?

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How To Use Social Proof In Marketing Your Interior Design Brand

Social proof examples should be entrenched in every part of your interior design marketing strategy. From your social channels to even your offline marketing efforts, it is important that you provide the credibility needed to convince potential clients to invest in your services.

Always remain authentic with the types of social proof that you use, and present them in the best possible way.

Consider using templates designed for home decor professionals or interior designers to keep a consistent look of your testimonials.

Now, let’s look at the types of social proof and how you can use these social media post ideas for interior designers to benefit your business, attract new clients on Instagram, and also use them on your website as part of your cross-platform marketing.

20 Ideas For How You Can Use Social Proof To Land New Home Decor Clients

1. Post testimonials and client reviews on your social media platforms

Make reviews part of your interior design social media calendar. When someone has provided a glowing review for your business, and they are comfortable with you sharing their words, testimonials, and client reviews can give you an incredible show of faith.

Online reviews can be revisited again and again by your social media followers and potential clients, so it definitely has legs to stand on. To save time use graphic design templates to streamline your feed and give them a consistent, professional look.

2. Post your testimonials and client reviews on your website too

If there is one thing that sells a landing page fast for a client, it is social proof reviews. Include testimonials from all kinds of clients with a wide range of projects to cover all your design niches.

Remember to ask permission beforehand before you use these testimonials on your website – your satisfied clients might likely not mind, but it is a good practice to ensure that you have all your bases covered.

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    3. Do before and after videos

    Videos like these are great for marketing your interior design business online. They tell the full story of how you went from a brief to a finished project and provide social proof of how you can achieve exceptional results.

    Keep these types of social proof examples in mind when next you undertake a project – it will allow you to leverage your great work even better on social media.

    4. Showcase your collaboration with other industry professionals on social media

    Digital marketing for interior designers should always include any collaboration with industry professionals. These can include doing a short interview with a builder, a realtor, a furniture maker, or even a photographer that you worked with for taking lifestyle or property shoots.

    Always remember to tag your collaborators with the correct handles, as you will open the floor for shareable content that can help draw attention to your business from your collaborator’s accounts.

    5. Create a blog post about collaboration with other industry professionals

    Now, these types of social proof content needn’t be just a case of “Hey, look who I worked with!”

    Rather, as interior design content ideas, these pieces should showcase the value of your collaborations and how you partnered with top players in the industry to create something unique and new.

    Pay close attention to how you shape the narrative and keep it authentic.

    6. Sharing an important milestone on your social media

    Got your 100th client since starting your design business? Have you been in the interior design industry for 5 or 10 years already? Or have you gone all out and successfully renovated a hotel group’s property?

    As far as social proof examples go, sharing milestones can be great pieces of content. They show that you are going places, doing incredible things, and never resting on your laurels.

    Try to see the opportunity in every celebration to leverage it as social proof – whether it is internal or client-based.

    7. Give social media shout-outs to other industry professionals

    Giving credit where credit is due shows that you recognize excellence in your industry. It illustrates how you respect other professionals, such as tradesmen and interior photographers you worked with on your last or previous projects.

    Remember, opening the circle to go wider than just your “industry bubble” will give you the opportunity to be seen as someone who works closely with others in the interior design or home design space. And let’s be honest: being a team player is always a good look.

    8. Share links to podcasts that you were featured in

    Podcasts are amazing platforms where you can showcase your expertise, and if you want to share your participation, links on your social media platforms are perfect social proof examples.

    This also ties in with giving shout-outs to industry professionals, as being part of an episode from a well-respected podcast host will definitely give your design brand some clout.

    9. Integrate asking for a testimonial into your project workflow 

    Say, for instance, you have a questionnaire ready to ask a client about their feedback during a photoshoot at the end of the project. This can be a great way to highlight certain parts of a project and how a client experienced it – plus it will give you social proof of how your way of working gels well with clients.

    10. Ask your past clients for referrals

    Have you just spruced up your website and would like to include reviews from clients? Or is there a throwback that you would like to feature on social media?

    Online interior design reviews needn’t be limited to current clients – if you have done a great project with a past client, don’t be shy to ask them for a review! They might be more than happy to oblige.

    11. Use your social media reviews in your story content on Instagram and Facebook

    Testimonials can add an interesting element to your stories, and provide instant social proof examples of how you delivered above and beyond on a project.

    It is really worth putting in the effort in these content pieces – use visuals of the finished project to get the story told and consider using templates for consistent branding!

    12. Include client testimonials in your newsletter

    Over and above delivering value with each newsletter you send out to your email list, you should add an element of social proof too. This enforces your credibility and why your readers should invest time in learning more about your design services.

    Use clever storytelling when you include these examples of social proof: set the scene with a short introduction of the project you completed and illustrate the enjoyment you had of working with a particular client.

    13. Publish case studies on your blog

    Want to show the world how you can critically think about the interior design industry or how to approach home decor projects?

    Being a thought leader in your profession is an excellent social proof example: it is not just saying you’re an expert, but proving it too!

    Use your case studies to illustrate how you approached a home decor project – they are perfect vehicles to enhance your interior design marketing.

    14. Include client testimonials in your printed marketing materials 

    Taking your social proof examples offline can add another layer to marketing your interior design business.

    Think for a moment as your ideal client would. If, for instance, you pick up a brochure or welcome pack with great client reviews adding to the design, you will likely be intrigued and want to find out more… and you can get the same results through your own collateral too!

    15. Part of a marketing event? Include your reviews here!

    If you are part of a showcase or event specifically aimed at marketing design services providers, you can use your testimonials on presentation slides or even recorded reviews.

    It is the perfect environment to market your services and expand your network, so remember to consider them if you get your time in the spotlight.

    16. Make video testimonials and use them on your Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or other channels

    It’s no secret that video continues to grow as a social media format, and you can tap into this trend with social proof types of content as well.

    For instance: Ask a past client to talk about what they loved about your project on camera. If you optimize your video captions and descriptions, you will have the full package to leverage your work.

    17. Ask past clients to review you on Houzz

    Houzz is a popular platform for interior designers to market their business and get in new business. When your past clients are up for giving you good reviews, it will make for a key part of your interior design marketing strategy and allow you to use social proof to draw in new clients.

    18. Showcase your awards and other accolades

    Being an award-winning design studio is nothing to be shy about: it is that unique selling point that you can use as part of your digital marketing strategy to set yourself apart from the competition!

    There are many ways to leverage awards and accolades, including:

    1. In your social media bios.
    2. As single posts as soon as an award has been presented to you.
    3. In your Instagram and Facebook stories or even in live videos if you are at an event.
    4. In your blog or online press release portal.
    5. In offline collateral

    And the list goes on!

    Remember, this is your time to shine, so don’t miss any opportunity to make it happen!

    19. Share media mentions, articles published, aired interviews, and any other exposure that you received

    When you position your business as being one that is newsworthy, it also implies that your services are valued and that clients can trust your team to create great results for them.

    Share links, and screen grabs if you may, and remember to include these mentions in not only your social posts but also on your website on a dedicated page where all your mentions are.

    20. Include employee testimonials 

    If your employees love working with you, it will give your potential clients a signal that they can trust you.

    Showcase why your team loves working at your studio: think photos, videos, beautifully designed quote templates, or even ‘a day in the life’ social media series. 

    If you work solo, ask past contractors and other industry collaborators to give you a short testimonial for why they love working with you – as with the above example, consider various types of social proof examples to use.

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