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Home Decor Content Ideas Every Interior Designer Should Be Posting On Instagram

How often do you feel at a loss for content ideas for Instagram? As interior designers, most of us are already used to going through the motions of product and project visuals… but this can at some point start to feel old and monotonous!

Added to this, you might have seen content on your competitors’ Instagram feeds, but you are stuck for ideas to create similar design content.

In this blog, we will be looking into inspirational creative social media ideas for interior decorators that you should always consider for your Instagram content – and how you can achieve beautiful, inspirational visuals that don’t necessarily take hours of your time to create.

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    Inspirational Content: Mood Boards And Interior Decorating Quotes And Sayings

    Mood Boards

    One of the best types of creative social media ideas for interior decorators is mood boards. Now, mood boards aren’t one-size-fits-all – some interior designers prefer showcasing samples of materials or project-based flat lays, while others would choose boards showing different furniture pieces or those with central color themes.

    Whichever format you prefer, you can easily generate mood boards with software programs such as Canva. It lets you create your own mood boards and also customize pre-existing templates to suit your preference – all you need is to source the visuals and start creating! 

    You also needn’t stick to just your own photos for your mood boards; sometimes, it is okay to add some stock photos to enhance your mood board themes (check out our mini-guide on best practices for using stock photos!).

    The benefits of using mood boards are plenty: not only do they provide inspirational content for your social media followers that adds value to their home projects, but they also showcase your expertise to potential clients that will get a feel for your design preferences – and if these align with the services that they are looking for!

    Inspirational Quotes For Room Decor

    When it comes to home decor content for Instagram, inspirational quotes can inspire your followers about the possibilities of interior design. These types of content can also showcase your values through content that aligns with your design ethic and inspiration, and even provide inspirational quotes for your potential clients’ room decor projects.

    An even bigger bonus of including quotes in your social media content is that you will be creating shareable content that your followers will love to have on their feeds – and it will attract potential clients and new followers to your profile too!

    Whether you use one-liner quotes suited for interior designers or other types of sayings, ensure that your feed is consistent (if using templates, adapt them to suit your brand colors and themes). Remember to include your Instagram handle on your designs too – this will ensure that people viewing your quotes externally can find your brand!

    Social Proof aka Client Testimonials – A Must In Interior Design Marketing

    Often, we forget one of the most important questions our social media content needs to answer: that all-important why! Why someone would want to work with our businesses, why people chose to work with us, and why they were satisfied with our services. 

    Social proof is one of the best ways to answer that why with authentic content based on real-life experiences. This can take shape in the form of testimonials from clients that you can visually present on your feed. As with other Instagram content, make sure your testimonials look professional and your branding is consistent. 

    Bear in mind that you can use these types of content pieces in Instagram Stories too, as part of your interior design marketing strategy.

    Educational Content – A Central Element To An Interior Design Marketing Strategy

    We tend to spend a lot of time curating our social media content to market our businesses, show our projects, or communicate any special interior design services that we offer. However, it is important to realize that our social media followers are also following us to learn something new to help them make the most of their living spaces.

    Now, educational content doesn’t need to mean that you give away all of your intellectual property, but it does entail giving valuable tips and hacks for your followers, based on your experience and expertise.

    Insights such as how to prepare for a home renovation, what you should keep in mind when extending a living space, or three tips for the best bathroom makeover are all examples of the types of content that you could share with your followers.

    The tips are best shown through content that is easily digested – this can be short video clips or graphics with text. Even with your educational content don’t forget to keep the visuals on brand. Not just for the visual appeal thereof and the shareability, but also to make these content pieces look professional and easy to recognize and pick up when someone is scrolling through their Instagram feeds.

    Another big value-add that your social media followers are sure to enjoy on your feed is the design term type of content – a format that looks just as great when visuals tie in with your overall brand feel and has a uniform look.

    Your social media followers might not know all the design terms that are frequently used in the interior design space, and sharing knowledge on especially phrases that you use in your social media content and day-to-day business interactions will make your followers feel more confident and at ease with interior design terms.

    Your Own Work And Portfolio – Showcasing Your Best Interior Design Ideas!

    Now, you might think, “But I am already showcasing my work!” – and you are without a doubt on track with displaying your incredible skills to current followers and potential clients.

    However, by varying your approach to showcasing your work you can ensure a higher follower engagement, leading to more organic reach and more client leads.

    One example is doing before and after image content that not only shows you are able to create incredible room transformations but also how you can unearth the potential of a space to truly come into its own. To truly make these content pieces pop, align your visuals with your brand colors to create interior design content that is immediately eye-catching.

    This content type is a valuable reminder for when you feel stuck for content too: there are so many ways that you can repackage content or use it in new, exciting ways!

    You could create mood boards for different projects to show different angles or finishes or create Throwback Thursday type of posts to look at past successful projects.

    How To Make The Most Of Your Social Media Calendar With These 4 Content Types

    As an interior designer, focusing on these four types of social media content will ensure that your Instagram feed is varied, interesting, and helpful to your followers.

    The next steps:

    • Use content creation tools that will ensure your visuals are slick and neat – check out this article for our favorite content creation tools. Remember that you can have hashtags on your stories too (just try to have no more than one or two per story!).
    • Speaking of hashtags: your Instagram posting strategy will not be complete without the right hashtags – be sure to check out this post for choosing the right ones!
    • If you’re still doubting which social media platforms you should be on, read our write-up about the best social media platforms for interior designers.

    Always bear in mind that your Instagram editorial calendar can be spiced up with different content formats and visuals – and often you can make this easier for yourself by batch content creation, using templates, or reusing your content.

    And if you’d like to bring your Instagram game to a whole new level, sign up for our Instagram course for interior designers – it has everything you need to set yourself up for success on Instagram!

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