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Creating Social Media Content That Converts Followers Into Clients: 9 Methods To Create Engaging Home Decor Content

You may have an amazing portfolio of stunning projects under your belt, but sometimes turning it into engaging social media content can be tricky.

If you often find yourself stuck, staring at your phone or computer screen, not knowing where to start, don’t worry. In this post, we’ll give you practical methods for generating social media content ideas for interior designers that are both engaging and help turn followers into clients.

While some parts of this article focus on Instagram, most of the tips can be applied across other platforms too – whether your target audience is more active on Facebook, TikTok, or elsewhere in the social media world.

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    Reasons why interior designers should maintain a regular social media presence 

    Maintaining a solid social media presence holds many advantages for interior designers, including:

    • Building strong branding; 
    • Getting valuable feedback from followers (or past clients);
    • Fostering loyalty in your community;
    • Increasing opportunities for business growth;
    • Networking opportunities;
    • Attracting client prospects and converting followers into actual clients.

    But keeping a consistent social media presence, especially if you’re a one-person team or have a tight budget, might be challenging. To minimize some of the challenges you may consider using scheduling apps to automatically publish your posts and trying out AI writing tools that can draft your captions for you.

    But first, you need to overcome the hurdle of figuring out what content to post.

    So, let’s discuss some methods you can use to generate content ideas for your interior design business, starting with a simple approach that doesn’t require much extra effort beyond working with what you already have.

    Look at your previously published posts that got a good response and repost or repurpose them 

    One of the simplest things you can do is recreating older posts that resonated well with your audience.

    Maybe it was a specific design tip that people found valuable and saved for later, or perhaps it was a before-and-after image post that got a lot of attention. Whatever the reason for its popularity, you can recreate it or repost it as is to share with your new followers who likely haven’t seen it yet.

    A quick note on reposting: Space out your reposts so your followers don’t think you’re running out of ideas or forgetting what you’ve just posted. As a general guideline, wait at least 3 months before reposting or posting repurposed content.

    How to find your most popular posts

    You might be wondering how to find out which of your social media posts were really popular.

    The best way is to check the performance of your posts using Instagram’s built-in analytics tool, Insights. Instagram Insights can help you figure out what types of content your audience likes and what topics they’re into.

    To access your Instagram Insights, follow these steps:

    1. On individual posts, tap on the Insights button. Alternatively, open the menu in the upper right corner of your mobile and choose Insights.

    2. In the overview section, select the metrics you want to review or any other content you’ve shared.

    Keep in mind that you can only see insights for content posted from your business or creator account. If you have a personal account, you won’t have access to analytics.

    Once you have a good idea of which posts performed the best, attracted the most engagement, and led to website visits or DM conversations, the next step is repurposing.

    There are many ways to repurpose content and give it new life. Here are some examples:

    Create a part 2 to your original post. 

    Build on your last post by creating a follow-up. Refer back to your previous post and share the next steps or otherwise related content. For instance, if you’ve posted about a bedroom makeover, you could link it to tips on enhancing an en-suite bathroom to match the new bedroom look.

    Expand on your original post with more details. 

    If your followers have been asking for more information on a home renovation project you did, use this follow-up post to share how they can achieve the same impressive results showcased in your original post.

    Share a fresh perspective on the same topic. 

    Take a different angle on a topic you’ve covered before. For instance, if you created a mood board featuring the colors of the year, take it a step further by showcasing real-life examples. Or, if you shared home decor tips, demonstrate the results in a design that puts those tips into action.

    Turn a post idea into a lead magnet. 

    Converting a post idea into a valuable resource will help you not only engage your followers but also grow your mailing list. This can be a checklist for revamping your living room or a seasonal downloadable guide about how to decorate your home for the festive season, summer or winter.

    Reuse past images as post backgrounds.

    Use past top-performing images as backgrounds for new posts or text overlays. This works well when sharing client testimonials or highlighting favorite design tips. Canva is a great tool for creating such social media graphics. 

    Repurpose past captions into standalone quotes.

    Speaking of Canva, you can also use it to turn quotes from previous captions into standalone visuals that grab attention.

    As you can see, repurposing can be a great way to create engaging content using what you already have.

    But maybe you are just starting out as a designer without a long posting history, or perhaps you haven’t posted in a long time and are not sure what types of content are currently trending. 

    In that case, checking out your competitors can help you get inspired.

    Look at your competitors for inspiration (but avoid copying)

    Not everything your competitors do is necessarily perfect. But sometimes they can be a great source of inspiration and a handy spot for market research if you know what to look for.

    When you’re browsing through your competitors’ profiles, keep an eye out for any recurring themes or trends on their feeds. Are there specific types of posts that consistently attract attention and draw in engagement?

    While likes used to be a go-to indicator of post popularity, that’s not always the case anymore. Many people now hide their like counts, so you might not get the full picture. You can still look at the number of comments they get, but pay attention to their Reels for more valuable insights.

    With Reels, you can see how many views your competitors’ clips received – this is a solid indicator of how well those video clips are doing.

    Next, pay attention to how your competitors are encouraging engagement. Are they using specific hashtags, asking questions, or using engagement stickers in their Stories?

    With this approach, you are not just finding ideas for your posts, but also learning how to boost engagement on your own content.

    And, of course, it should go without saying, but never just copy your competitors. First of all, it’s sketchy and unethical. Also, you want to carve out a unique voice that’s unmistakably yours and develop a style you can carry across various social media platforms.

    Otherwise, you risk simply mirroring what others are doing without putting your personal stamp on what you are sharing.

    Answer the frequently asked questions from your clients

    Chances are, you get a ton of questions about various aspects of interior design from both current and potential clients.

    Keeping tabs on what people are curious about can be a great launchpad for creating online content – not just social media posts, but also blog posts, newsletters, or even lead magnets.

    Any question can be a starting point for engaging content. Think about topics like:

    • What to expect when working with an interior designer?
    • How does the work of a virtual interior designer differ from that of a traditional one?
    • How to set a budget for a home decor project?
    • How do you choose a color scheme for a home design project?
    • Should you follow certain design trends or stick to the classics?
    • What materials stand the test of time in design?
    • How to pick the right window treatment?
    • How to choose between paint and wallpaper?
    • Mixing textures in a room—how’s it done?

    You can even go into more specific questions if they align with your ideal client’s interests, like:

    • What materials work best for outdoor rugs?
    • Are accent walls still on trend?
    • Which accessories can elevate the look and feel of a room?
    • How to choose the ideal rug for different spaces?

    By addressing questions your audience is curious about, you are not just demonstrating your expertise, but also providing valuable content that your followers might want to save and get back to later. 

    This can help you rank higher on Instagram, and make your content visible to more people.

    Approach interior design FAQs from a fresh perspective

    You can also get creative and approach these questions from a new angle. For instance, take a standard question like “How to choose a color scheme for my home?” and turn it into an interactive Story quiz that your followers will want to engage with.

    Start by collating a list of your most frequently asked questions and keep it somewhere handy (Dropbox, Notes app, Notion…) so you can easily access them when you’re in content creation mode.

    Then, think about how to package them in a way that fits your brand and keeps your ideal client engaged. This could be through an interactive Story, carousel posts, or how-to Reels.

    Save posts that spark your interest in Instagram collections for a quick dose of inspiration

    Your saved posts can be another great source of inspiration if you can turn them into something new. Think about what initially caught your eye in these posts. What made you hit that save button, and revisit them later? Was it something that sparked your creativity or made you want to use certain tips for your business or projects?  

    As you sift through your saved posts, try to think about them from a new perspective. Take an element of a post you’ve saved and put your unique spin on it. 

    Let’s say you saved a post featuring a living room with a stunning, vibrant rug. You could use this as inspiration for a carousel or a Reel about choosing the perfect rug for any space. 

    Or perhaps you saved a fun Reel that made you laugh. You can try to recreate it and make it relatable to your audience. 

    The key is to make it distinctly yours—your content shouldn’t just resonate with your followers and ideal clients. It should feel like a seamless part of your brand, not something copied from elsewhere.

    Even more importantly, avoid creating content that appeals to you but leaves your followers uninterested. Consider topics that your ideal client would find appealing, and shape your content around that. 

    Pick a part of your design process and expand on it

    You know your design process from start to finish, but many of your potential clients might not be familiar with it.

    There could be unique parts of your design process that you have, such as specific planning documents or techniques to come up with a design concept, or why you prefer to use certain materials, textures, and furniture suppliers.

    By creating content around the way you work, you are addressing two things at once:

    1. Making potential clients feel more comfortable about working with you; and 
    2. Keeping the Instagram algorithm happy by producing valuable content and keeping a consistent posting schedule.

    This could be a stage of your process that you enjoy or feel passionate about, or one that you think would be especially interesting or informative for your followers.

    The impression that you want to make here, is that you are transparent and happy to walk your clients through every stage so they don’t feel lost or unsure about anything. People will be intrigued by how you do your work and what they can expect on every step of the process, and will likely want to learn more. 

    You could create just one post or a carousel about your whole process and recreate it later. Or you can break it down into a series of posts, explaining each stage in a separate post.

    You can then organize these posts into an Instagram guide or save Stories about your design process into a separate Story highlight so it’s always accessible. This way you can also refer potential clients to these highlights for more information. 

    Our content idea book with 150 post ideas for interior designers and home stagers

    If you’re looking for a quick and easy fix, our interior design content idea book has over a hundred content ideas that you can use.

    The content ideas are organized into categories such as behind-the-scenes, seasonal content, design education, and more. You can use them throughout the year and cover various content pillars—not just your client projects, but also your business and educational content.

    Each idea draws from our experience of creating content that works well on social media, allowing you to put your content calendar together in a short time with posts that are still interesting, authentic, and on-brand.

    The best part? You don’t have to use these ideas just for your Instagram content—you can turn them into blog posts, Pinterest graphics, and newsletter blasts… Virtually any type of content to engage your audience!

    Get inspired by current trends with the Instagram Explore page

    The Explore page shows trending content based on your interests, the accounts you follow, posts you liked, and the hashtags you engage with.

    While scrolling through the explore page, pay attention to recurring themes and styles. For instance, you might notice a prevalence of natural materials, neutral color palettes, or minimalist designs.

    Once you’ve identified these trends, think about how you can create content that’s uniquely yours around them. If you see a lot of posts featuring Japandi designs, consider creating content on how to incorporate Japandi elements into a small space.

    Another approach is to search for hashtags relevant to your ideal client and see what comes up on the hashtag search page.

    Regardless of your method, focus on high-engagement posts. Pay attention to comments, post topics, and captions to get insights for improving your own Instagram content.

    Search for phrases related to your design niche / ideal client on Pinterest

    Pinterest is more than just a social platform; it’s one of the most popular search engines out there, especially when it comes to interior design inspiration. While it may not be ideal for building deep connections, it can be perfect for driving traffic to your website and discovering trending ideas relevant to your audience.

    Suppose you specialize in modern farmhouse design. You could search for phrases like “modern farmhouse decor” or “rustic interiors” to see what type of content is currently popular within your design niche.

    Take a closer look at pins with text overlays. Despite Pinterest being image-centric, text overlays can serve as attention-grabbing teasers for more information and give you ideas for topics that might be interesting for your audience.

    As you scroll through search results, take note of the number of saves, likes, and comments on pins you find. Similar to Instagram, these metrics can indicate content that resonates with people, providing valuable inspiration for your social media posts.

    Ask your followers directly

    Don’t hesitate to reach out to your followers and ask them what they’d like to see or learn more about on your feed.

    You can easily do this by adding a question in the caption of a static post or using the question sticker in your Stories. You can also share polls or create quizzes, providing multiple options for your followers to choose from.

    Make this a regular practice throughout the year, especially as you attract new followers with potentially new interests. Trends in what people find interesting can evolve, and engaging them directly over time can help you align your content with the preferences of your ideal clients.

    Bonus content ideas for interior designers and home stylists

    Feeling inspired? Here are some extra content ideas to get you going. 

    Create posts around your personal story. 

    In other words, why you decided to pursue interior design as a career – talk about your inspiration, your journey, and even the amazing projects you have been part of.

    Make new arrivals part of the conversation.

    Maybe you just got brand-new materials for a client project, or if you also sell decor items, you want to showcase them on your feed. Don’t forget to tag your suppliers. It is a great way to show your appreciation and also opens the door to getting exposure to their social media followers if they repost your content.

    Spark interest with home decor how-to and tutorial videos.

    How-to videos are always a popular subject, so create bite-size pieces that can increase engagement and interest in your social media content.

    Create “get the look” types of posts with shopping guides.

    These tie back to giving shoutouts to your suppliers, or brands that you have worked for in the past. You can make your guides seasonal, or tie them in with festive holidays, such as Christmas (think lots of festive red and gold tones) or St Patrick’s Day (gorgeous home decor in green hues).

    Share client testimonials

    If you have social proof of how amazing your services have been, it can attract attention from potential clients and also give extra credibility to your brand.

    Celebrate important milestones with your followers. 

    Create excitement with topics such as your business anniversary, completing big projects, or receiving a design award. You can also shine the spotlight on new team members who have joined your business and introduce them to your audience.

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